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 Are You Interested in English or Arabic Legal Translation?
Arabic Translation World can professionally handle your legal texts. We are qualified and prepared to serve the translation needs of your business or organization. You can always trust us to get it right! To learn more about legal document translation, check out our English-Arabic legal translation service.

Is it Difficult for You to Find a Certified Native Arabic Translator Who is Expert in Legal Matters?
As an experienced translator with proven records and references, holder of a bachelor degree in law as well as another degree in translation into Arabic and English, we guarantee nothing will get lost in translation. For further information, see certified Arabic translation service page.

Are You Looking for a professional English Arabic translator capable of providing precise, efficient, and  dependable document translation service at unbeatable value?
You have found a certified and qualified translator that can efficiently deal with your documents. Arabic Translation World proudly commits to provide you with timely service that is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Have You Wasted Your Money on Poor-Quality English to Arabic or Arabic to English Translation?
You can save your money, time, and efforts. Our experience allows us to work efficiently and deliver translation projects into English and Arabic on schedule. 100% risk free!

Are You Concerned About the Misunderstanding of the Subject Matter, Culture, Late Delivery, or Negative Attitude?
You have come to the right place to find out the best translation service you deserve. We deliver fast, accurate, and professional translation whether into Arabic or English because we possess the necessary expertise to transmit your message in the appropriate manner. 

Have You Ever Considered the Arabic Translation of Your Website?
The translation of your website into Arabic will dramatically increase your result. Arabic Translation World
has a cost-effective solution that ensures that your product will get to the Arab markets and your message will be conveyed effectively and successfully. Invest in your business and translate your website into Arabic to attract more clients, make more money, and multiply your business. We help businesses achieve maximum results. See Arabic website translation page.

Are You Ready to Translate Your Medical Document or Device into Arabic?
We are expert in medical terminology and maintain the up most accurate medical translation into Arabic.
By providing a top-quality Arabic translation, we will  help you communicate with Arab professionals and consumers. We will also assist you in creating relationships that go beyond boundaries, sell more locally and internationally, reduce your expenses, and minimize your risks! See Arabic Medical Translation page.

Are You Embarrassed by the Rejection of Your Translation?
We also offer you a certified stamped professional translation that is accepted before any official body, governmental department, corporate association or foreign embassy.


 Free Translation Sample to Experience our Quality

English to Arabic and Arabic to Engish Translation serviceAt Arabic Translation World, we guarantee top results. We also offer our clients the opportunity to sample our quality prior to making the final decision. We provide free Arabic translation of 150 words.

 If you would like to request a free price quote, fill out the opposite quote form or Contact Us  by e-mail.   

Arabic Translation World is not a translation agency. It is the translation website of Heba A. Abed, a full-time freelance translator with a wide range of experience in the area of language and culture. Heba Abed provides professional English Arabic translation, localization, editing and proofreading services. With linguistic skills, she renders bilingual English and Arabic translations with high efficiency. 

Why Do You Choose Us?

  • Native speaker of Arabic and  fluent in English
  • Qualified and certified professional English Arabic translation.
  • In-depth linguistic and cross-cultural knowledge.
  • Providing certified stamped translation for corporates and individuals.
  • Offering variety of convenient payment options.

ServicesEnglish-Arabic translation service

We are not for everything like others. We are expert in English and Arabic translation only and do not accept other languages. We also certify your documents at foreign embassies and official authorities. Our services cover the following:

1. Document Translation
We provide English to Arabic translation and Arabic to English translation service as it is the best developed skill we have and the most favorite type of work we enjoy. We specialize in legal, business, and IT translation in both languages pairs: English & Arabic.We offer  unbeatable online Arabic translation service in terms of professionalism, experience and confidentiality. If you are looking for  certified Arabic translation, a top quality English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation service will be offered as we are quality oriented online Arabic translation website. Moreover, certified stamped translations are also offered in an affordable rate.

2. Website Translation and Localization
One of my biggest passions is helping others reach their highest potential. As Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and spoken by more than 280 million people, translating your website into Arabic will definitely grow your business, ineradicably increase your income, and vastly opening up a new customers base.

Your message will be clearly conveyed to your target audience, ensuring both a top quality translation service and a culturally adapted site. The localization of your website can greatly expand your business into global market place.

3. Editing and Proofreading

The proofreading service we offer reduces the ambiguity of the message that needs to be conveyed, leaving no room for confusion. We provide proofreading services whether we have translated your document, reports, brochures, documents for your or originally done by another Arabic English translator. Try our proofreading service and you will know what difference we can make to your professional success!

4.  Summarizing and Rewriting
In some cases, a summary rather than a full translation is required. The author’s important ideas, keywords, data and conclusions are always included in the summary. Besides, the original organization, style and format are followed whenever possible. If you already have a text and completely unhappy with its content, it can be perfectly written for you.

For further information, see Translation Services.

 5 Things You need to Know About English-Arabic Translation Before You Send Your Document:

 Each English to Arabic  translation or Arabic to English translation project must pursue the following steps to guarantee high-translation quality and client satisfaction:

  • Certified Arabic translation for Arabic documentsDocument Analysis and Quote: After sending the source document by e-mail, we review the document for  word count and technical nature. The quote is typically offered at the same day.
  • Translation and Proofreading: Translation or proofreading service is proceeded after the acceptance of the job and specification of the turnaround time.
  • Editing: The translated document is carefully reviewed and edited for accuracy.
  • Formatting and Delivery: Translation is delivered on the agreed deadline either by e-mail or by post for certified translation and in the client’s preferable format (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF …etc)
  • Client Review and payment options: The translation project is considered finished when the client is satisfied with the outcome. Payment terms and options differ according to the project size and the client payment type.
“Top 4 Ways to Get the Best Possible English to Arabic or Arabic to English Translation Service”

To ensure that you receive the best translation service, we suggest to provide us with the following:the best written Arabic translation

1) A well-written source document.
2) The original, editable file if possible.
3) Company-specific glossary, acronyms, or terminology.
4) Clear instructions in terms of file format, delivery deadline, and the region of your audience.

“Don’t Make the following 3 Fatal Mistakes When you Hire a Translator”

We all make mistakes once in a while. Here are a few mistakes to watch out when you assign a translation job to a linguist. In general, paying attention to the below 3 fatal mistakesdetails can easily help you avoid these mistakes.

  • Not being aware of the translator’s certifications and qualifications.
  • Not checking out the translator’s TESTIMONIAL page.
  • Not getting the translator’s full contact details.

 If you would  like to learn more about our competitive rates and professional Arabic translation service,  Contact Us by e-mail or call us on +2 01001630018.